Globe: (+63)917-830-0423, Smart: (+63) 918-948-2638, Landline: (+632) 83712455


Globe: (+63)917-830-0423, Smart: (+63) 918-948-2638, Landline: (+632) 837124

Panasonic KX-T7716

  • Caller ID Compatible
  • Ringer/Message lamp
  • One-Touch Dial Buttons
  • Speakerphone and Headset for Hands-Free Conversation

Ringer / Message Lamp

Image is for Message LampThe KX-T7716’s ringer / message lamp helps you catch all the important calls.
A red light illuminates to visually alert you when a call comes in or when someone has left a message, for convenient use in hotel guest rooms or offices.


20 Phone Numbers in One-Touch Dial Buttons

Image is for One-touch dial buttonsYou can store up to 20 phone numbers in the one-touch dial buttons (10 numbers in both upper and lower memory locations).
One-touch dial buttons save you time and trouble when calling a client, customer, or associate you often speak with.


Caller ID Compatible

Image is for KX-T7716Image is for KX-T7705 / KX-T7703

When a call is received, the name and phone number registered in the phone book are displayed, so you can check who is calling before picking up.

KX-T7716 :
Caller information for the last 50 callers


Speakerphone and Headset for Hands-Free Conversation

Image is for KX-T7716You can use the speakerphone or headset for hands-free conversations. Since you don’t need to pick up the handset, this enables you to do other work while having a conversation.


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