Globe: (+63)917-830-0423, Smart: (+63) 918-948-2638, Landline: (+632) 837124


Globe: (+63)917-830-0423, Smart: (+63) 918-948-2638, Landline: (+632) 837124


The ABS-CBN TV plus Go dongle itself is pocketable, weighs about the same as a standard USB stick with no antenna attached, and has a straightforward, minimalist design with matte finish on its plastic casing. It barely adds any weight to your phone.

 With its antenna plugged into the base of a device and pointing out in one direction, the TVplus Go is just about an inch shy of the average smartphone length-wise. It’s a lot shorter when the antenna is folded up or down for better signal strength.

 The microUSB end that connects to devices is a bit longer than what we’re used to. But that’s a good thing, as it means the dongle can probably be plugged into a phone or tablet with a protective case still on — no need to remove it. The TVplus Go doesn’t have a built-in battery; it has to be attached to a device at all times to work.

You can remove the antenna for easier storage, and ABS-CBN has included a cap with a string attached, so that you can loop the antenna around a case with a lanyard. It would have been better if the antenna used a magnetic attachment to hold the cap in place, or if the cap would simply snap onto the end of the dongle while connected to a device.




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